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How do we do it? When you purchase an IncrediFlash Website Template, you will get a FREE IncrediFlash Template Editor to help you customize your template. It is very easy and you do not need to know any prior web development and flash skill.


Saves up to US$1300

You do not need to purchase expensive software such as Adobe Flash and Photoshop to be able to customize your flash template.


Easier and quicker customization process

Not everyone is a professional web developer who are able to use a complicated software such as Adobe Flash to customize their templates. IncrediFlash Website Template Editor is designed with ease of use in mind. You do not need any previous multimedia/website development skill to use
it. A standard customization process only takes approximately 5 minutes.


Template customization


Watch a demonstration on how easy it is to customize a template


If you are a professional web developer you will be able to do more customization job in a shorter period of time which turns into more profit at your end.


More publishing option

IncrediFlash Website Template can be publish into a Flash and HTML file, exectuable file and an autorun CD-ROM (electronic business card). No other flash website template offer this many publishing possibilities.


Powerfull customization feature

Being easy does not necessarily mean less powerfull. Here are the list of customization task you can do with it:

  • Changing text, photos and page titles.
  • Changing text font settings (bold/italic/font name, size, color, alignment).
  • Deleting unwanted objects
  • Adding, removing and reordering pages.
  • Adding a new text and photos
  • Changing website's music
  • Adding a sub pages
  • Adding click action to a text and a photo object to open a bigger photo/other website
  • Cropping photo and applying photo effect

FREE 75MB FTP account

When you purchase an IncrediFlash Website Template, you are entitled to a FREE 75MB FTP account to test drive your flash website. The editor has a built-in FTP client to upload your flash website easily..


Try it now

You can try the customization process yourself by downloading IncrediFlash Website Template Editor. The editor comes with a FREE flash template for evaluation purpose.



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