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Build a Flash website from selection of professionaly designed template without the need to use Adobe Flash.


IncrediFlash Website Editor Template is very easy to use. You do not need to know any prior knowledge of website development to use it. A standard customization time using IncrediFlash Website Editor time is 5 minutes.


Watch a demonstration on how easy it is to customize a template


Easy Customization Process
We know that three most commonly done customization tasks are changing a text, changing a photo and deleting unwanted pages. Soon we will show you how easy it is to perform these three tasks. In fact each of them will only take about 2 clicks using IncrediFlash Website Template Editor.
Selecting a page and an object to edit
Simply select a page on the page list to bring up the page preview and click on any object you would like to change on the preview window.
Main User Interface
Changing a text
Clicking on a text on the preview window will bring up text properties window where you can type in your changes in the textbox provided. No need to write any script nor edit a complicated text file.
Changing a Text
Changing a photo
To replace a photo, again you simply click on a photo on a preview window to bring up photo properties window where you can click a Browse button to look for a photo replacement in your hard disk.
Changing a Photo
Deleting an unwanted page
To delete an unwanted page, you simply click on the page to select and then press Delete page button. The website navigation buttons will automatically adjusted by removing the one attached to the page you have just deleted..
Deleting a Page

And of course those are not the only editing features, you can do many more such as:

  • Changing text font settings (bold/italic/font name, size, color, alignment).
  • Adding and reordering pages.
  • Deleting unwanted object
  • Adding a new text and photos
  • Changing website's music
  • Adding a sub pages
  • Adding click action to a text and a photo object to open a bigger photo/other website
  • Cropping photo and applying photo effect

You are welcome to give IncrediFlash Website Template Editor a FREE test drive by downloading it from here

Powerfull Publishing Features
IncrediFlash Website Template can be published into three different medium:
Publish as a Flash and HTML file
This is the most common publication option. The publication result will be a Flash (SWF) and an HTML file where you can simply put it in your website. Viewing the HTML file will play your published website.
Publish as an autorun CD ROM
Autorun CD ROM is a great way to distribute your website as an electronic business card. Instead of giving a static name card it will amaze your business partner viewing a full blown flash website promoting your business and services. The autorun CD ROM simply need to be inserted into a CD-ROM drive to play. There is no need for your customer to install additional software to be able to play it.
Publish as an executable file
Publishing as an executable file is a great way to deliver your website as a desktop application. By simply double clicking on the executabel file your website will play just as a normal desktop application.


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