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Why IncrediFlash Website Template?
IncrediFlash Website Template is a revolutionary flash template technology which allows you to customize a flash template easily without the need to purchase additional expensive software such as Adobe Flash and Adobe Photoshop. IncrediFlash Website Template comes with a FREE Editor which requires no skill. Customizing a template is simply done by point and click. Instead of only publishing the website as a Flash and HTML file you can also publish it as an executable file, autorun CD-ROM for electronic business card and upload it online into a FREE 75MB IncrediFlash FTP account.
Do I need to purchase Adobe Flash in order to customize IncrediFlash Website Template?
No you do not need to purchase any software at all. You only need to download a FREE IncrediFlash Website Template Editor to customize your template.
Do I need to edit a text file script in order to customize my IncrediFlash Website Template?
No you do not need to edit any text file. You will use a FREE and user friendly IncrediFlash Website Template Editor to customize your template.
Can I test drive IncrediFlash Website Template before making a purchase?
Yes you can. When you download an install a FREE editor, it comes with one FREE flash template for you to try.However this template will have a small watermark upon publish. This watermark will disappear when you purchase the paid version of this template.

What kind of customization I can do to an IncrediFlash Website Template?
A: You can do the following customization:

  • Changing text, photos and page titles.
  • Changing text font settings (bold/italic/font name, size, color, alignment).
  • Deleting unwanted objects
  • Adding, removing and reordering pages.
  • Adding a new text and photos
  • Changing website's music
  • Adding a sub pages
  • Adding click action to a text and a photo object
  • Cropping photo and applying photo effec
I have purchased one license of 'Abstract' flash template. Can I use this to make a flash website for several of my clients?
You must purchase one license for each of your client. One IncrediFlash Website Template is only licensed to one website address.
Why there is a small watermark saying "@2008 IncrediFlash Website Template Editor" on my published website?
The watermark is added as you use a FREE version of flash template. After you make a purchase, the watermark will disappear.
Can I use Adobe Flash to edit IncrediFlash Website Template?
No you cannot.
Why does my template installation failed?
Please make sure you are running windows using an administrator login and reinstall the template again. Please also make sure you have installed IncrediFlash Website Template Editor before you install the template.
What is the requirement to run the software?
IncrediShow will run in any PC with operating system any of these: Windows 2000/XP/Vista. The minimum recommended system is Pentium IV 1GH with 1GB RAM.
I have purchased an installed a new flash template. Why doesn't the new template show up in the Template selection window when I create a new website project?
Please make sure you restart IncrediFlash Website Template Editor after you install a new template.
Why can't I open my project file? It always gave me the following error message "The web template 'Template Name' is required for this project does not exist! You must own and have the web template required installed in order to be able to edit this project"
Please make sure that you have a valid flash template required for that project installed in your computer.
I choose my own MP3 music and I already check the Loop setting. Why doesn't my music loop when published?
Not every MP3 music is designed for looping. Most MP3 music will have a silent period at the end which make a seamless looping impossible. However all music bundled with the IncrediFlash Website Template are designed to loop seamlessly.

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