Flash Particle Studio

What is IncrediFace?
IncrediFace is fun and easy to use software to create incredible, humorous and funny shows.
It provide you a simple way to add (blend) a digital photo into another digital photo.

image + image = image
You can also add animated clipart, funny text quotes, sound effects, music or even your own voice to make it more appealing. Please click here to see it.
What is the requirement to run the software?
Minimum System Requirements:
450 MHz CPU or better, 128 MB RAM, Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP.
Recommended: 1.0 GHz CPU and 256 MB RAM.
What digital image formats that can be used by IncrediFace?
IncrediFace can read most popular image formats such as jpeg (jpe, jpg and jpeg), gif, tiff, bmp and png.
Where does IncrediFace save my shows?
It is saved in \My Document\My IncrediFace Shows folder.
The file name will be the original title with an .IIM extension. The original title is the name given when the show is created and if you modify the name later, the file name does not change.

To find out the filename, hold your mouse over the show thumbnail on the main menu for a few seconds until a tooltip appears.

You can also right click in the show thumbnail to "Save as" .

Can I use my own .MP3 file as background music?
Yes, you can use your own .MP3 music file in your show.
What is a template?
A template contain a background photo with a hole you can put a face into.
Some templates provide you with more than one hole, some only one. IncrediFace has 200+ template collection ranging from movie posters, celebrities, famous landmarks, objects, animals, famous people, etc and constantly being added by us and our users.
Can I create my own template?
Yes you can. At Choose Template step, click on Create New Template button at the bottom and you will be able to choose any digital photo and define area where the hole for incoming face is.
You can then save and share this template online by uploading your template file at http://www.incrediface.com/share.html
How do I download more template?
Simply click on Download More Templates at Choose Template step.
IncrediFace will search new templates from our website and automatically downloads them for you. It is advised that you click on Download more templates once a month to keep up to date.
How do I share my templates for other users?
Please find your template files at \Program Files\IncrediFace\Templates\My Templates folder and submit them at http://www.incrediface.com/share.html
Our automated system will check for submitted template automatically and update our collection about once a month.
What is clipart?
Clipart is animated or static image that you can use to decorate your show. Some of our cliparts are interactive which you can click on to make it perform an action such as Boxing Glove.
Can I create my own clipart?
We try to provide as many high quality clipart as possible. If you wish certain clipart to be made available, please submit your request at our forum. If it is a common request, we will try to provide it for downloads. IncrediFace also has the ability to load external clipart (flash movie clips or jpeg images) from a website.
How do I download more clipart?
Click the Download More button in Decorate Your Show section and you will be directed to the download page.
How do I share my shows with my friends and family?
You can share your show by sending it as an email link to friends, burning it into CD playable on any computer or by uploading them to your own website using Make Show Available Online feature.

You can also create an executable file (.exe) and send it as email attachment.
How long will the show be kept in the IncrediFace server?
If you are using a trial account, your show will be kept for 5 days. After you purchase IncrediFace and upgrade your IncrediFace.com account, it will be kept for 15 days.

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