InAlbum Deluxe

This update is only for version 1.x, 2.x and 3.x. Version 4.0 already have all of these artwork bundled into the installation.

InAlbum Updates contain additional templates, clipart and music.

How to install updates?

1. Stop InAlbum if it is running.
2 . Download the installer .ZIP file (see below).
3 . Unzip it into a temporary folder on your local computer.
4 . Execute the installer .EXE file , usually by double clicking it.
5 . Click Ok to start the installation.

Sometimes it will ask to replace old files, click Yes.

Remember that you must install the oldest update first, for example :

Install first, then continue with, then, and so on.

InAlbum 3.0 Updates (Installer .ZIP files) (for registered user only (?))

InAlbum 2.5 Updates (Installer .ZIP files)

If you are looking for InAlbum 1.5 updates, please click here.

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