InAlbum Deluxe

General Questions
Why InAlbum?  
In what capacity can InAlbum be used for?
What is the requirement to run the software?
What features are not available in the trial version?
May I use InAlbum for commercial purposes?
What digital image formats can InAlbum read?
How many photos I can add into one show?
When I edit my photo, will the changes modify the original photo file?
Where does inAlbum save my show?
Does inAlbum save my photos and music when I save my show?
How do I reinstall InAlbum?
Why does not InAlbum ask me to enter a serial number?
How do I upgrade my previous InAlbum versions?
I use InAlbum 4.0, do I need to keep the previous InAlbum versions?
What is a template?
Do I need to pay for additional templates?
Can I create my own template?
When do you add new templates?
How do I download more templates?
Can I suggest what kind of templates to be added?
What is a clipart?
Do I need to pay for additional clipart?
Can I create my own clipart?
Can I import Macromedia Flash movie (.SWF) as clipart?
Can I import animated GIF as clipart?
Can I import external image as clipart?
How do I download more clipart?
Can I insert a video into my show?
What kind of video formats are supported?
How many videos can I have in one show?
How long is the maximum limit of the video?
Song and Music
What kind of music file formats are supported?
Can I add multiple songs to my InAlbum?
Can I use my own music file?
Can I use song from my audio CD ?
I cant use a song from my audio CD, why?
Can the shows be saved as a DVD movie?
Can I create DVD movie with menu?
Can I save more than one show?
Why cant I play a DVD / VCD / super VCD (SVCD) using my DVD Player?
Why cant I play DVD / VCD / SVCD using my PC?
My Interactive CD does not play automatically when inserted into a CD-ROM.
Why cant I play DVD / VCD / SVCD using my PC?
Sharing Album Online
How do I share my shows with friends?
How long will the show be kept in the servers?
InAlbum fails to connect to the internet even though my PC is connected to the internet.
What is the address of my personal website?
Can I customize my personal website?
An error message appeared when I tried to make my show available online.
How do I change my account profile?
I lost my password or username, how to retrieve it?

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