Flash Music Studio

What kind of music file format does the Flash Music Studio support?
- MP3 files
- Microsoft Windows Media Audio files (WMA)
- Microsoft Windows WAV files
- OGG Vorbis files (OGG).
What is the minimum system requirement to run Flash Music Studio?
Microsoft Windows 98/ME/XP/2000/Vista
1 GHz CPU or better, 512 MB RAM
DirectX 8.0 or newer version
Do I need to install Adobe Flash to be able to use Flash Music Studio?
How do I publish multiple sound/music files without publishing it one by one?
Flash Music Studio supports batch publishing process. Simply choose Each published music has its own player settings at Publish tab to publish each music within your project into its own music player.
Why the published music player has a Flash Music Studio watermark?
All published projects using trial/evaluation version of Flash Music Studio will have a watermark. To remove it, please purchase the software.
What type of SWF file is created by the Flash Music Studio?
Flash Music Studio creates a standard Adobe Flash File format. It is compatible with Adobe Flash 8, MX and 2004.
Can I import the published video into Adobe Flash?
Yes you can. The SWF file published by Flash Music Studio is importable into Adobe Flash.

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