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Why Flash Fluid Effect?
Flash Fluid Effect allows you to create a cool bitmap effect easily by simply selecting effect and adjusting parameter. You can then publish the result as an SWF.
What features are not available in the trial version?
The trial version will not allow you to save a project file and the software will expire within 15 days.
Does Flash Fluid Effect saves my bitmap file into the project file?
No it does not. Only the reference to the bitmap file will be saved. The reason is so that you can modify the bitmap file easily and all project using that bitmap will automatically use the modification.
Why does the publish output have watermark?
A watermark is added to a publish output during trial period. This watermark will disappear when you register the software.
Why can't I save a project file?
You cannot save a project file during a trial period. You can remove this limitation by registering the software here.
Why does some changes to the effect settings are not instantly visible?
You will need to click the Update preview button to update the preview with the new effect settings. You can also automate the update preview process by checking the Automatically update preview checkbox at the top of the preview window.
What is the requirement to run the software?
Flash Fluid Effect will run in any PC with operating system any of these:
Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista.
The minimum recommended system is Pentium III 450 with 128Mb RAM.
Does Flash Fluid Effect support transparency?
Yes it does. The resulting SWF will have an alpha channel so you can overlay this SWF on top of another SWF.

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