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Flash Demo Builder is an easy to use and unique tool for creating tutorials, presentations, interactive quizzes and product demonstrations.

Utilize powerful screen capture which also records keypresses and mouse movements
to show clearly how some processes and applications work

Flash Demo Builder uses advanced compression which produce very clear and high quality output with small file size.
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Choose manual or automatic capturing mode with three different built-in settings for assessment, demonstration and training. Automatic mode will add caption automatically, click highlight, mouse cursor movement and tips instruction. See demo ...

Record audio naration during recording. The recorded audio will play in sync with the animation..

Sound Synchronization

Full motion capturing to record drawing, mouse dragging and keyboard typing operation.

Auto panning will automatically move the capture area when mouse cursor is moving away from the current capture area. This dramatically reduce the need to seperate the capturing into several session to focus on different desktop area. You can also choose to pan manually by pressing a key instead. See demo ...


Customizable recording window size. A smart snap tool to automatically snap to a window area within the running application.


Insert standard presentation components such as callout, text, image, highlight, rollover, etc. A callout library allows you to select varieties of built-in callout shape.
Insert multimedia components such as sound effect, music, voice recording and video. Flash Demo Builder has a built-in sound and video encoder, which delivers a high quality video in a small file size. See demo ...
Zoom and pan from one point to another within a slide with the new Camera Zoom object. Pan and Zoom is a great way to focus on one part of screen at a time.

The video import module has been rewritten to provide much better video compatibility. Previous version has problem when importing some DirectShow and Quicktime video. No you can also import video with transparency using a built-in chroma keying tool. This makes it possible for you to overlay a speaker/presenter video over your presentation. See demo ...

Video Transparency

You can click and drag on the timeline ruller to preview your presentation at that time slice. Keep dragging the mouse cursor along the ruller to preview further. This way you can quickly see how your presentation looks like at that moment in time without the need to publish and preview the whole presentation. Quick Frame Preview also support audio scrubbing which will also play part of audio track being previewed.

Frame Preview

Import GIF animation, PNG with/without transparency, WMF/EMF and SWF animation to spice up your presentation.

Add interactive quiz objects such as text entry field, key press, click area and multiple choice. Easily submit the quiz result via email or directly into your web server for assessment. See demo ...


Convert Microsoft PowerPoint file and image files (BMP/GIF/JPEG/PNG/TIF) into slides.
Choose from hundreds of new cool slide transition effect. You can now overlap transition between two slides and have objects to start animating during the transition. See demo ...

Add text animation such as explode, typewriter, twister, etc. Each effect is highly customizable.

See demo ...

Text Animation

Add animation to any object (image, clipart, diagram, video, etc).

Edit audio easily with the waveform editor. You can import another sound and combine it with an existing one, trim, add silent and even re-record part of the audio.

Waveform Editor

Apply visual effect to any object such as blur, drop shadow and glow. See demo ...


Support gradient, image, transparent and flat color slide background.

Use the new FlowChart, Pie, Bar and Line Chart components to spice up your presentation. See demo ...

Video Transparency

Easily apply font settings to various text objects using a font style library.

A streamlined Graphical User Interface with a timeline window allows you to easily adjust object timing within your presentation.


Choose a clipart from Flash Demo Builder clipart library such as shapes, arrows, pointers, objects, symbols, etc.


You can make your presentation to branch to different slide upon quiz object correct/wrong answer. This way you can make your presentation show an easier quiz or even a tutorial when your viewer answer wrongly and moves on to the next quiz when they answer correctly. You can even make your presentation to execute action such as OpenWebsite, Show/Hide object, Play/Stop Video upon correct/wrong answer.

Quiz Branching


Publish as a streaming flash animation file (*.SWF) and HTML ready for online viewing.
Choose from a list of fully configurable navigation control.
control control
control control

Publish one or more presentation as an executable file and autorun CD/DVD with a customizable splash screen, company logo, window skin and application installer. You can also add a serial number and time trial protection.

Window Skin

Publish as a movie file or a high quality DVD movie playable on TVs with any DVD player. The resulting DVD movie will play exactly like when it is published as an SWF file. with all animations, videos, sounds, etc. You can publish more than one presentation into a DVD movie with a customizable DVD menu.

DVD Menu Editor

Everyone agree that social networking site is a becoming a communication medium to reach your audience and customer. Now you can now deliver your presentation and quiz on Facebook with full interactivity.


You can publish into an MP4 movie upload-able into YouTube. High definition (wide screen) format is supported. Publishing to video compatible to handheld device such as IPhone, IPod, IPad, PSP, mobile phone is also improved.

Publish YouTube

Publish into Audio PodCast compatible to podcast service such as iTune. PodCast is the best way to deliver a periodic presentation and tutorial to your audience.
Send as an email via FREE Flash Demo Builder online service.
Upload online into own website/FTP account using a built-in FTP client.
Export your presentation into a Microsoft Word document.
Print slides from your presentation.
Publish your presentation as an AVI video.
Publish your presentation into a screensaver.

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